Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A range of ways I've used geocaching in (outside) the classroom

Does your school have a high percentage of students who are not engaged and stood bored at break time, lunch time and before school waiting for the day to begin? 
Geocaching projects might be an option for your students!

Here is a simple guide as to how to set up a geocache geocaching introduction I will then go through a range of strategies I have used it in conjunction with.

  • Change on a weekly basis.
  • Competition between form classes/houses.
  • Have mascots with trackable so students get to use GPS. Students can take other groups mascots hostage and produce clues using learning during the week.
  • students with geocaching tasks have to communicate with each other and so they find out about each others learning and so it assists students skills at collaboration, teamwork and inter and intra personal skills.
  • Students in house can nominate who will go on mission try to link in with different years.
  • Link to marking so a teacher can give a few students a message. A way of getting students to check written comments more thoroughly. Students write a comment back about work and the geocache message.
  • Students get given missions with geocache get agents in all the continents by the end of 48 hours. 
  • iPhone 4 secret mission with text message students find via find my iphone application, to open link to learning. Further clue linked to QR code and teacher students work a riddle out. Link to Iamlearning and a place name in a certain task. Give students outdoor fun tasks from the mission:explore range. 
  • Students have created tour guide to local sites and attractions in area @Kenny73
  • Make class geocache made one about coursework about local river.
  • About local geography in that area
  • Students with project with parents for doomsday reloaded add a geocache at picture site with how site looked and how it does now add stories for how students use that area in their lives and how parents use to live. This project has been very successful.

This whole project and Kinect in class have been used to engage students to move about and be excited and intrigued to participate as linked to school reward system.

Now over to you to track down the #tmthink geocache you will get a clue to find an agent in the room who will give you the final clue to hunt down the hidden geocache. Be quick before someone else finds it!

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