Friday, 25 March 2011

Positive and negative effect of tourism in Thailand

This lesson we found out more negatives than positives in Thailand. One of the things we found out was that the bali bombings in Thailand caused a wider more negative effect this caused less people to visit. Another thing we found out was a disease called SARS and it was spreading around the globe.another negative effect is the smuggling of illegal trade and animals were trained to amuse people.positive things are the island is still foresting by 50percent . Also Thailand is close to the equator. This means it will be hot. Thailand has been increasing with 3.6 million tourist visiting which will make money for them.


  1. Some really good information there. Do you think the fact more people are visiting will help the country or just make the existing problems worse?

  2. Hi there, what did you think of the BBC3 programme on the tourism industry in Thailand? It was played Tuesday 28th June. I think some clips could be useful for students.

  3. Can I download your powerpoint from this website?