Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Field visit Arkengarthdale river study

Arkle Beck is a tributary to the River Swale. It starts at 627m above sea level on the moors above the valley of Arkengarthdale and flows for 20km before joining the River Swale just below Reeth where it is 176 m above sea level.
The following photos are from 3 sites along Arkle beck.
1. William Gill G.R 93207
2. Eskeleth G.R 998036
3. Reeth G.R 044987

We expected to observe the following changes:
The size of the river channel increases
The volume of the discharge increases
The velocity of the river water increases
The size of the bed load decreases and becomes more rounded
The shape of the valley changes from a V shape to a valley with a floodplain so more U in shape

What do you think we found from the following photos?

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