Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Mission Explore Task

If you haven't got the mission explore books see picture then you really should!

My mission with the books is to make global links with schools around the world and to share blogging pictures and webchats / Skype chats with students from other countries to find there findings for certain missions.

My aim is to actively engage my students to make links with foreign students and more importantly using the books to find out about the world around us and what different places are like with a common theme the books to aid and gave a continuity running through the project so that students have a certain theme they can discuss / see the similarities and the differences. Students can then come up with their own missions and continue to find out new things of the people and place of the world around us.

So this is a plea to visitors to my blog to get in touch and let's make a global blog of people and place and bring the world closer to hand for our students.

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