Sunday, 24 April 2011

Geocaching from your iPhone

This is a fantastic co-ordinates game using a GPS, mapping skills treasure hunt. A geocaching is a great addition to any dog walk, cycle ride, walk or even outdoor learning adventures. The principle is simple. Go to the website or download the app for geocaching. £4.99 on iTunes app store (a free introduction app is available it limits a search to the 3 nearest placed geocaches to you). The app will place your phone GPS to your current location and you can search to see if there are any geocaches in your area. Then simply using the co-ordinates and using a map you can hunt them down or more simply you can let the GPS on your phone close in to the co-ordinates. You can change the setting to show you a compass to try and match your co-ordinates with that of the location of the geocache. Then it is down to you to hunt out the box / casing. You should see a container with the geocaching official symbol and it should have paper and a pencil for you to write your name and date you found it. Some have an object in them. You can add something to the container of equal value. Overall great fun:)

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