Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Origami Frog Rainforest Alliance small-big project

My first blog post in A YEAR! Christ that's terrible! 

Idea on paper whilst it is there: Origami Frog, learn, build, redraft, perfect, learn to model for others, take to supermarket build with people; learn about Rainforest Alliance develop inquisitive Qs using Q grid to inform public about it, practice teaching this knowledge to peers - do in front of class - assembly - video - take to public; engage public in competition - space HOPPER challenge find Frog Products; possibility of Rainforest Alliance stall?; Have member of team visit supermarket for sale numbers of Rainforest Alliance products, brainstorm before hand how this benefits all involved; get students to draft, re-draft, critique letters, audio messages, video requests to contact Rainforest Alliance of possibility to expand project globally.

Here is the Rainforest Alliance video this idea was inspired from. I then somehow watched a foldable video and saw an origami shirt video which sent me to making a frog! 

Here is one Frog Origami video. Search them on YouTube there are loads as you can see from my twitter feed. I'm going to get students to explore and find a guide that helps them best for their learning style.

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