Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Google Fusion table map and Intensity Map of Mega cities vs cities of the World

Since December I have discovered google Fusion tables and have fiddled on with them and spent many an hour exploring created maps from them on the internet.
As a Geographer mapping is key to me. It can provide so much visual information for the reader.
Here is my latest effort to map all the mega cities in the world against all the cities using simple visual cirles. Larger circles show megacities, smaller cirlces show cities.
What patterns from the following maps do you pick up?
Many many more maps are to follow from me in various complexities. This one been very simple. I can natural resort to using hacks to change styles and bling up various maps but these will come in following posts.
The 1st picture is simply of city placemarks of the world.

The 2nd map is a visual representation using 2 circle sizes.

The following link is to the google fusion table data for you to play around with. 
I'll put one embed example in only as it will drastically slow down the browser.

Those on apple devices won't see them so I have attached some screen shots as well.

small (light green) = city
large (dark green) = mega city

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