Friday, 2 December 2011

Watching the Cricket

Watching the Cricket tonight and what can I say other than GEOGRAPHYYYYYYY!!!

The video links mapping of the situation of the cricket ground and then straight into the analysis of a classic wagon wheel of scoring shots. Students have a plethora of data to analyse! Does the batsman prefer singles, twos, threes, fours to score their runs? Do they prefer a certain scoring location via a compass rose analysis? From this can you plan a field of attack?

The next two photos analyse bar graph data. This allows students to analyse patterns and trends (does a batsman score a century over a regular period? Have they had a purple patch of their career? Did they have a lull? When was that? Get video footage? Was it their technique? Location when they played? Team they played so angle of delivery? How did they get out? Was it a specific way each time?)

The 2nd looks at the current innings. Did the team loose wickets at a set time? Why was that? Weather? Pitch? Ball condition? Bowler? How do they deliver the ball? How is the pitch responding? The type of soil cracks? Does this type of pitch appear a lot? Is it particular with this pitch? Does a certain batsman, bowler suit a certain pitch?

This sort of graphical data through sport opens up a multitude of open ended questions / interpretation / theories

I could go on and on! But time to enjoy geography in action.

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